Sparkles and Snowflakes

Tis the season

Celebrate with sparkly diamond demi-parure jewellery!

The suite below features round brilliant cut diamonds set in palladium and our first 3D printed annual Holiday spinning snowflake ornament.

At Metallicity we combine traditional and cutting edge technology to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery just for you!! Please browse our shop or contact us for a design consultation.

Happy Holidays from Tony and Lilla 


Gemstone Of The Week


                                                                 Flower of Peace

Flower of Peace

In search of something unique? Well, here it is…..beautifully carved “Flower of Peace” Citrine! The name citrine is derived from the french word “citron” meaning “lemon” . Citrine is the transparent variety of quartz and has trace quantities of ferric iron causing the yellow color.  This citrine is 15mm in diameter and weighs 16.13cts. Let us create you a one of kind piece of jewellery.