Metallicity is an astronomy term for a star’s abundance of heavy elements. Without the star’s fusion factory, you, me and the precious metals we know and love would not exist.

Metallicity is born out of the passion to create jewellery. From cutting edge to vintage-inspired, we strive to create something beautiful, functional and, like every individual, unique.  Here at Metallicity , we believe in design driven  customer-centered experience. We will work with you to create a piece of truly wearable art that is entirely unique to you. Also, working with you to refinish your grandmother’s wedding ring or design your own necklace from scratch. We employ cutting-edge 3D printing technology which allows us to work closely with customers to create what you have envisioned.  We embrace cutting-edge technology as well as old world craftsmanship. 

With over 50 years of combined experience, Metallicity not only offers custom design creations, but also repairs, restorations and appraisal services

We want to bring new life to that old jewellery box of pieces you never wear. Let us sit down with you and create something together that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life

Check out this article on us here from Cary Citizen showcasing some of the things we do and how we blend technology with jewellery.



Tony Nemyer, Designer and Customer Jeweler

I have been making jewellery since 14. I was fortunate to attend a middle and high school that offered jewellery-making classes and have been creating wearable works of art ever since. I won a scholarship to Pratt Institute where I studied jewellery design and sculpture and began working for a high-end jeweller in NYC’s diamond district.  I took first place in the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Awards for a stunning bridal piece in 2016.

Lilla Taylor, Designer and Gemologist

My jewellery career began right out of college. My degrees in art and design landed me my first job with a custom jeweller and have continued on this path ever since. Over the past 30 years, I have been involved in several facets of the industry from designing, gemological training, appraising, management, marketing and sales.  My educational background includes art history and studio art degrees from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, gemological training through the Gemological Institute of America and metalsmithing  courses at Virginia Tech and NC State University.